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Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout is a fun, action-oriented multiplayer game. In the game your goal is to run to the finish line while collecting weapons to compete with other players. When starting, you will be given a choice of one-player and two-player modes. The game offers many levels with each level being a different setting that requires you to have wise strategies and quick reflexes.

In Getaway Shootout, you can choose a character from a list with different attributes and abilities. Some characters will possess strong and brutal abilities, but others will possess the agility of acrobats, so test them all and choose the character you love the most. However, not all characters are available, you must unlock them with the money you earn through play. With a pixelated style combined with fun controls, this is sure to be an adventure to remember.

How To Play

  • P1: Use "W, E" to jump forward or back and press "R" to shoot.
  • P2: Use "I, O" to jump forward or backward and press "P" to shoot.

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