BG dark is an .io game where you will join others in dynamic PVP matches. Your task is to achieve the longest chain of eliminations, with each win giving you 100 points. But you will lose even if you die, so you need to focus and be wary of the enemies around you. At the beginning of the game, a random weapon will be assigned to you and you can use gold coins to unlock more weapons. Additionally, you can also use the plasma beam to restore health. is fast-paced and you need to use sprints to surprise your opponents and win. In addition, the game also provides many rewards and avatar skins for you to choose from. Now it's time to pick up your weapons and destroy your opponents.

How To Play

  • To move use 'WASD".
  • Jump up by pressing the spacebar.
  • To reload, press the 'R' key.

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