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Temple of Boom

Temple of Boom allows you the opportunity to participate in an extremely intense fight. This is a survival game where the fighting atmosphere, gunfire and number of successful kills will make you more excited. Before playing, you will be able to choose two modes: one player and two players. If it is a single-player mode, you will continue to choose one of two modes: endless and campaign. Your mission in the game is to destroy all the creatures that appear in the maze and collect items. You need to jump, dodge and shoot bullets at your opponents to survive.

In Temple of Boom, treasure chests will appear and a weapon will appear when you open them. Use all your concentration and speed because you always have to be alert. Additionally, you can monitor the blood column that appears in the left corner of the screen. When it runs out, the game will end, so try to dodge the bullets as best you can. Now let's get started and test your reaction skills!

How To Play


  • Use "WASD" to move.
  • Press "S" to pick up weapons, "C" to shoot, and "V" to switch weapons.


  • Use "arrow keys" to move.
  • Press "down arrow" to pick up weapons, "K" to shoot, and "L" to switch weapons.

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