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Mario FPS

Welcome to Mario FPS. This is an extremely dramatic game where you play as Mario, a plumber trying to collect coins and destroy enemies. To move, you need to use the arrow keys and the spacebar to shoot. When moving, you always have to be alert because enemies can come from behind and attack you. They will follow you and you will have to keep a distance to shoot at them.

Mario FPS has many levels and to complete you need to collect the required number of coins. For example, for the first level, you need to collect 26 coins. However, the number of bullets in each level is limited, so you cannot use them wastefully. When the distance is too far, bullets will not be able to shoot, so you need to wait for them to get closer and start shooting. Remember, only one bullet can kill a guy. In addition, when your health bar runs out, the game will end. Let's concentrate and destroy all the enemies!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar to shoot.
  • Move the mouse to adjust the view.

Action games always have great appeal that makes you want to play more times, especially Street Fighter 2.