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Get into the holiday spirit with Xmas Dash! In this game, Santa Claus takes on a daring mission to deliver gifts to children. As the main character, Santa faces a challenging journey filled with obstacles and accidents.

This engaging adventure is not just a Christmas-themed game—it will captivate players for hours. The graphics are vibrant and colorful, adding to the joyous atmosphere. With simple controls, the game is suitable for players of all ages. So put on your funny old hat and dive into the action now!

How to Play

In Xmas Dash, you step into the shoes of Santa Claus on a mission to deliver gifts to children. You'll navigate through a challenging journey filled with obstacles and accidents. The game starts with an upbeat melody that sets the tone for the adventure ahead. Players must guide Santa to jump from one platform to another, all while dancing to the rhythm of the music. The lively soundtrack adds to the excitement and helps players keep up with the fast-paced action.

Santa encounters various hurdles along the way, but these challenges only make the game more thrilling and enjoyable. To overcome them, players need quick reflexes and sharp thinking.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to navigate a maze filled with numerous obstacles.

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