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Geometry Dash Cataclysm

Geometry Dash Cataclysm is a solo Extreme Demon level created by Ggb0y and hack-verified. It was published on January 3, 2015, and later updated and verified by Riot on January 15, 2016. Upon its release, it quickly gained popularity and became one of the toughest levels in Geometry Dash, alongside ICE Carbon Diablo X. Known for its difficulty and design, Geometry Dash Cataclysm is credited with popularizing the red and black color scheme in Extreme Demons. It remains one of the most-liked Extreme Demons and one of the all-time favorite levels. Additionally, Cataclysm is the first installment in a trilogy of similarly-themed Extreme Demons, followed by Bloodbath and aftermath.

Gameplay Breakdown

0-6%: The level starts with a relatively easy half-speed cube section, featuring fake orbs and simple timings.

6-19%: Next, you'll face a challenging double-speed wave segment with tight spaces, size change portals, and inconsistent and awkward timing. It transitions into an auto segment, briefly turning into a cube, where 'Cataclysm' and 'ggb0y' are displayed on screen.

19-25%: A difficult triple-speed ship segment follows, with gravity portals and invisible size portals that require precise inputs and smooth transitions to avoid death. This part was completely overhauled after the 2.0 update.

25-28%: You'll transform into a mini-wave at half-speed, which is easier than the initial wave segment since it's not double-speed. The wave briefly returns to its normal size before entering the next section, but the background may obstruct your vision.

28-36%: Transitioning into a double-speed ball segment, you'll need good timing and fast button pressing. The speed then changes to half-speed, and you'll navigate through narrow spaces with occasional speed changes that challenge your precision.

36-40%: Next, you'll encounter a double-speed UFO segment with orbs, gravity portals, and tight spaces, requiring careful maneuvering and dealing with slightly awkward timing.

40-43%: The UFO transitions smoothly into a single-speed ship segment, demanding precise straight-flying and hitting orbs inside gravity portals. Missing a single orb results in a crash. The straight-fly section includes a mini-portal and a gravity portal, making it somewhat inconsistent.

43-52%: The ship transforms into a triple-speed cube section that tests your timing skills. It then becomes a half-speed mini-cube, which primarily requires button spamming.

52-63%: Afterward, you'll face a ball section that involves spamming and precise timing. Gameplay-wise, this part is one of the easier segments. However, the level becomes dark with intermittent flashing obstacles, making it challenging to see the path ahead. Midway through, you transform into a mini-UFO, briefly return to a ball, then become a mini-ship before jumping once as a mini-cube. Finally, a short ball section leads to the next part.

63-75%: The level transitions into a difficult mirrored half-speed ship segment with some straight-flying. The ship becomes mini and navigates through tight spaces before returning to its normal size, unmirrored. This is followed by a dual section with more tight spaces and straight-flying. After exiting the dual, you'll face one final straight-fly before reaching the next part.

75-84%: Next, you'll encounter a tight half-speed wave segment that has been known to challenge players' nerve control and precision.

84-87%: After completing the wave segment, you'll enter a short and relatively easy robot section.

87-100%: The level concludes with a final ship segment, featuring the iconic 'GBOY' area, the creator's name, along with messages like 'U NEED TO REST...' and 'GG'. The final section includes a straight-fly. A hall of fame displays the names of players who finished the level legitimately before the update. Ggb0y also includes a message admitting to hacking the level, an apology, and gratitude to Riot for verifying the level and adding coins.

User Coins

Geometry Dash Cataclysm features three user coins. The first and last coins require precise timing, while the second coin is relatively easy to obtain with good memory and straight-flying skills.

  1. The first coin is located at 3% and requires hitting a specific blue orb late, taking you to a saw blade that appears deadly but instead leads to the coin, then teleports you back on track.
  2. The second coin is found at 70% and is considered the easiest to obtain. In the dual ship segment, you must navigate between spiked areas to collect the coin. This route is arguably easier than the regular path.
  3. The third coin is situated at 85%. After hitting the last blue orb, you'll enter a gravity portal. Inside the portal, you must hit an invisible yellow orb that will propel you to the final coin. Alternatively, you can delay hitting the blue orb, allowing the robot to pass by the coin.

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