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Geometry Dash LIMBO

Geometry Dash LIMBO is an Extreme Demon mega-collaboration level created by MindCap, co-hosted by Djoxy, and verified by BGram on November 26, 2022. It took 109,490 attempts to complete. The level follows a 1.9 style with a color scheme of indigo, dark blue, and red. It incorporates detailed designs inspired by weoweoteo's Extreme Demon Marathon and elements from Hinds' and Vlacc's parts in Cybernetic Crescent. Geometry Dash LIMBO aims to be the most challenging memory-based Demon level while introducing unique gameplay mechanics.

Lore and Story

Geometry Dash LIMBO revolves around a steel factory manager in the 1980s who replaces human workers with an artificial intelligence (AI) invention called EAM-17. The AI malfunctions and kills both the manager and the scientist who created it. The AI takes control of the factory, hiding it as an abandoned facility and eliminating anyone who enters.

Thirty years later, the scientist is reincarnated as a cube and is tasked with preventing further casualties caused by the AI. Meanwhile, the manager wakes up in the distorted factory and must find a way to escape. Both characters face challenges and strive to uncover what lies at the end of their journey, with the cube aiming to shut down the AI and the manager seeking to avoid being trapped forever.

Gameplay Overview

0-4% (Findexi + Juhou): The level starts with a simple cube moving at a constant speed. There are slopes with fake spikes, holes, and teleporting portals. In the next section, the player needs to navigate through blocks and go upside down on reverse ramps. They have to remember which orbs to hit.

4-8% (Lumpy + Failure444 + CuLuC): This part is all about waves and different speeds. While the area is not narrow, small spiked balls come at the player from all angles, getting faster and more numerous as the part progresses.

8-14% (Th31 + Lieb): This part begins with a fast-moving ship. The gameplay keeps switching between different styles at regular intervals. The player needs to use three dash orbs in a row. At one point, they have to go close to the ground, which looks dangerous but won't actually harm them. Then there's a short section with yellow orbs and gravity changes in a narrow slope corridor before transitioning into a ball. In the ball section, there are trigger orbs that the player needs to click to progress. There are no other orbs or speed changes in this part.

14-19% (Pennutoh): In this part, the player has to jump onto a green orb and click the trigger orbs on both sides of it. If they miss these trigger orbs, the next green orb they need to use will be disabled. There's a lot of distracting gameplay happening on other parts of the screen, but it's not relevant to the correct path. After a difficult blue orb click, the player needs to hit another trigger orb to activate a blue gravity portal and continue. They have to avoid what looks like the correct route and instead enter a fake block to progress. Then there's a section with blue pads and orbs on top, and the player only needs to hit the first orb to reach a wall where a ship portal is located (but the ship portal is not the right way to go). Jumping out from there, objects in the level move towards the player from behind, allowing them to hit a previously unreachable black orb. The black orb is directly below a platform, so the player automatically jumps as soon as they land, lining up for the next green orb. The last part of this section is a mini-UFO where the player doesn't have any clear indication of where to go. There are two portals that are not mandatory and will actually kill the player if used.

19-23% (Vismuth): This section features a ship segment moving at a constant speed. The player needs to choose the right orbs while avoiding moving structures on the screen. They occasionally change size and teleport. After the ship segment, there's a cube section with double speed. There are circles of orbs, and each circle has four orbs rotating around each other to confuse the player. Some circles have gravity portals and small structures. The section ends with a challenging timing into the next part.

23-28% (Jenkins + Saria + GrenadeOfTacos): The next section starts with a ball segment. It's similar to the previous cube segment, with circles of rotating orbs, but now there are eight orbs on each circle. Some orbs have invisible blocks that the player can land on, so they need to remember which orbs have these invisible blocks. Immediately following the ball segment, there's a wave segment with three different corridors constantly moving. Each corridor has small spikes, but there are hidden spaces in the walls that the player can go through to avoid them. The player needs to remember the locations of these hidden spaces to pass this section. At the end of the section, the words "GP BY JENKINS DECO BY SARIA" are shown on the corridor walls.

28-32% (Jeyzor): Jeyzor's part is known for its challenging elements, including lag, precise timings, and invisible obstacles. It takes a long time for players to master this part. The first half is a cube segment with double speed. The player needs to hit orbs and jump in unconventional places. Some spikes are fake or have landing pads, but there are also invisible spikes that are not visible to the player. The decoration, including the player's icon, constantly blinks, lags, and moves around to confuse the player even more. If the player successfully completes the cube section, they encounter a tight ship segment with moving structures. Orbs and gravity portals are scattered everywhere, and the player needs to remember which ones to hit. After the ship segment, there's a very brief cube transition. If the player doesn't hit the last yellow or red orb with a trigger orb inside it during the ship segment, they will be teleported to a joke area that leads to their death.

32-36% (Ryder + Goose): After the cube transition, the player faces a double-speed mini-ball segment. It's a complex section with many decorative blocks, but only some are real. The player needs to remember which blocks are real or fake, hit specific orbs, and avoid spikes. Once they pass this part, there's a quick cube transition with three orbs that doesn't require memorization. Then, they encounter a double-speed spider segment similar to the previous ball segment. The player must remember which blocks are real, avoid spikes, and hit specific orbs. The section ends with a single-speed cube landing.

36-42% (KrmaL + flash): This section is entirely in the triple-speed cube game-mode. The player needs to remember which platforms to land on to hit orbs and enter portals. The challenge is that all the platforms are constantly moving left and right. There are trigger orbs that can pause the platforms or change their direction. The player must hit the correct trigger orbs at the right moment. At the end, there's a safe corridor where the words 'KRMAL' and 'FLASH' are displayed.

42-47% (Stormfly + ZephiroX): This section is in the double-speed cube game-mode. It starts with the player being launched from a red pad into several large rotating circles of different sizes. The circles have blocks, orbs, and portals. The player needs to hit specific orbs to progress. After passing the circles, the section ends with two yellow orb timings and two blue orbs.

47-52% (Stormfly + SleyGD): This section continues Stormfly's gameplay. It's in the mini-wave game-mode. The player encounters wave corridors on the top and bottom of the screen. They need to enter the correct corridors while avoiding spikes. The slopes in the corridors have safe D-blocks to land on, but the player needs to remember where to hold and where not to hold to avoid spikes. The section then speeds up to double-speed, and the player faces spike pillars with safe spaces to memorize. Finally, there's a triple-speed segment where the player needs to remember which slopes have D-blocks and which don't. The section ends with a fade to white.

52-58% (xStep + KWMS): The level speeds up to triple-speed. The first half of this section is in the cube game-mode. The player needs to land on moving platforms, hit orbs, and enter portals. Each platform moves at a different speed, and some are only visible for a short time. The player must memorize the correct actions. After the cube segment, there's a similar concept in the ship segment, but the player can enter the moving platforms. If they pass this segment, they transition to the next section with closing border decoration.

58-64% (para + Th04): This section is mostly in the UFO game-mode. There are real and fake structures for the player to land on or avoid. The screen moves around due to UFO portals, and there are invisible orbs, portals, and pads to hit. The section is challenging due to the fast pace, click patterns, and invisible objects. It ends with a brief wave segment at double-speed that requires less memorization.

64-69% (Giron + Temp): In this part, the level becomes more intense as the song changes key. The player controls a mini-cube at double speed and needs to navigate through structures while hitting specific orbs and jumping at the right moments. The section ends with five blue pads that transition the player to the next part.

69-74% (Surv + nyab): This section involves different game-modes at a fast pace. It starts with a short robot segment where the player switches gravity. Then, they transition to a mini-cube and perform a few jumps while hitting an orb. Next, there's a ball segment with fake blocks and orbs that require memorization. The level slows down to double speed, and the player enters a cube segment where they jump on platforms and hit orbs while remembering which blocks are real. The section concludes with a brief triple-speed UFO segment.

75-82% (weoweoteo + pocke): The player hits a yellow orb and enters a confusing section similar to Betrayal of Fate's memory cube gameplay. It contains moving fake blocks mixed with real blocks and flashy decorations. Triangles form diamonds that fly diagonally. There are two platforms with the names of the creators, and the player moves through an orb maze where the orbs constantly change type. The player transforms into a cube multiple times, and arrows on the decorations add to the confusion. After the maze, there's a simple asymmetrical ball dual, followed by a speed change to single and then quadruple speed with an auto blue pad part.

82-87% (Evasium + PokeChatt): The level becomes more intense, and the memory aspect becomes more complex. The section starts with a double-speed cube segment featuring moving pillars, flying orbs, and teleportation portals. Most of the decorations are fake, and the player needs to land on the real blocks. The speed slows down to single, and the cube becomes mini-sized. In the second half, the player encounters moving corridors and must time their jumps. Decorative blocks with arrows add to the challenge. The screen fades to black, setting the stage for the final section.

87-100% (crohn44 + MindCap): The final section is the most famous part of the level and features a mini-wave gameplay. The player controls a wave that passes through eight keys that change their positions consecutively. One of these keys is the correct one needed to complete the level. The key placements are randomized, so the player needs to be consistent and navigate the obstacles at triple speed. The first half involves maneuvering the wave over circular structures while the background displays moving lines. In the second half, the player must spam the controls, and the background reflects elements from earlier sections. Near the end, the player holds onto an anti-cheat block and focuses solely on the keys. The keys form a circuit, and the player must release the controls when the targeted key glows to collect it. If they collect the wrong key, they die on spikes. If they collect the correct one, they float above the spikes and reach the end of the level as it fades to black.

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