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Geometry Dash Zodiac is an Extreme Demon mega-collaboration level that is known for its extreme difficulty. It was created and published by Bianox and was hack-verified by xander on January 28, 2019. However, xander later admitted to hacking the level and other achievements. The ownership of the level was transferred to Technical, who beat the level legitimately on April 9, 2019, becoming the first legitimate victor of Zodiac. The level was originally published on xander's account but was later moved to Bianox's account on October 14, 2021.

Geometry Dash Zodiac achieved the number one ranking on the Demonlist, surpassing Bloodlust. Players have generally given positive ratings to the level, praising its decoration and difficulty, although opinions are divided on its length and gameplay, especially in the latter half.

Level Overview

The level consists of various gameplay sections created by different designers. These sections include cube, ship, ball, wave, spider, robot, UFO, and other game modes. Each section has different speeds and requires precise timing, skill, and coordination to navigate through obstacles and complete the level. The gameplay sections are interconnected, creating a challenging and continuous experience for players.

The level concludes with a final section created by Enlex, featuring fast-paced straight-flying, UFO segments, timing-based cube sections, a gravity-changing wave segment, and a mini-cube maze. The level ends with a green orb timing.

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