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Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos is an Extreme Demon level in Geometry Dash. It was created by Bianox, verified and published by npesta. Released in December 2019, it quickly gained attention and reached #2 on the Demonlist. The level is a buffed and extended remake of Sakupen Hell. Notably, npesta's reaction to verifying the level became an Internet meme.

Gameplay Breakdown

  • 0-7% (Eclipsed): The level starts with a fast cube section where the player jumps on walls and hits orbs while avoiding spikes. There is also a short mini-ball segment.
  • 7-14% (Zimnyte): The player enters a mini-UFO section and must hit orbs accurately. Then, there's a cube section with challenging obstacles and a robot section with similar gameplay.
  • 14-31% (Bianox): This part begins with a cube section similar to Sakupen Hell, followed by a mini-wave section and a mini-ball section. It concludes with a new wave section and a mini-cube section.
  • 31-36% (Terron): A lengthy UFO segment in a narrow space with spikes. The player must navigate through it by bouncing carefully.
  • 36-45% (Lazuli): The player flies as a ship, avoiding obstacles like spikes and saw-blades. They must maneuver and change gravity to hit orbs at the right time. There's also a mini-cube and wave segment.
  • 45-56% (KrampuX): The player faces a cube section with size changes, followed by a mini-wave, mini-ship, and wave segments, maneuvering around spikes and obstacles.
  • 56-64% (SlimJim): A mini-ship sequence where the player must navigate quickly, hitting orbs, changing gravity, and avoiding spikes. There are also segments as a mini-robot, mini-ball, and mini-ship.
  • 64-68% (Nikrodox): A short robot segment where the player must jump on walls and blocks carefully through spikes.
  • 68-74% (ChiefFlurry): The entire part is a fast-paced wave segment with moving walls and spikes. It transitions from a mini-wave to a normal wave and leads to Salaxium's part.
  • 74-80% (Salaxium): A tight double-speed section with gravity changes, dash orbs, and challenging timings.
  • 80-85% (Spectex): The player faces a wave section, maneuvering between narrow spaces, changing size and gravity. The part is divided into two segments.
  • 85-92% (Pennutoh): The speed decreases for a cube section where the player navigates through spikes, saw-blades, and thorns, hitting orbs. There are mini-ship, ball, and wave segments as well.
  • 92-100% (Splash): The player enters a timing-based cube section with gravity portals and orbs. Then, there's a challenging ship sequence navigating tight spaces between saw-blades and walls. The level ends with a green dash orb and Splash's end-screen.

The Creation Process

The creation process of Geometry Dash Kenos began with Bianox uploading a preview video on December 6, 2016, showing the initial part of the level. Then, ChiefFlurry, EndLevel, and DuaL KiKi contributed gameplay and added a pre-extension about a month later. DollarC uploaded a full montage video of Kenos on January 11, 2017, showcasing the level (referred to as the "old version" of Kenos). However, Bianox had to remove a section of the level (56-64%) for unknown reasons. In response, ChiefFlurry held a creator contest in February 2017, and the results were announced in March. SlimJim's part, which won the contest, is included in the current version of the level. 

ChiefFlurry uploaded teasers of Geometry Dash Kenos, revealing the decorations for different sections. However, due to the release of version 2.1 of Geometry Dash, all parts of Kenos, except SlimJim's, underwent a change in decorations. Other players, like Pennutoh, Zimnyte, Splash, Salaxium, and Spectex, uploaded videos of their contributions to the level. Geometry Dash Kenos was completed on April 29, 2018, and was ready for verification. Some players showcased the level on their channels, including Zimnyte, Pennutoh, and Combined. Bianox added random gravity portals throughout the waves, making Kenos more challenging.

Verification Process

Initially, ChiefFlurry was supposed to verify the level but passed it onto Combined. Combined did not upload progress videos initially but later started sharing videos of his attempts. He reached 97% on Halloween 2018 but encountered difficulties in progressing further. The level was then passed onto Crazen and later MirQ (now known as Miro), but both players dropped it after making some progress. After being in the open for about a year, Bianox discovered npesta, a player known for verifying challenging levels.

npesta began verifying Geometry Dash Kenos in late April 2019 and quickly achieved a run from 64% to 100%. He faced challenges in making progress, but during a livestream, he made significant advancements after eating a cliff bar. He eventually completed a 31% to 100% run on May 23, 2019. npesta continued to strive for further progress, reaching 70%, 83%, and 88%. In October 2019, he acquired a 240hz monitor, which led him to buff the level. After two weeks of attempts, he completed an 17% to 100% run. However, his worst fail occurred at 90%, causing him demotivation. In a stream, he decided to nerf a section of the level to ensure its release before the 2.2 update. On December 14, 2019, after numerous attempts and streams, npesta finally verified the level.

Geometry Dash Kenos Reaction Meme

Following the level's verification, a meme featuring npesta's reaction to completing Geometry Dash Kenos gained popularity. The meme involved videos of people completing simple tasks with npesta's reaction inserted in the corner. This meme led to the creation of other humorous videos and gained attention on platforms like Know Your Meme and even caught the notice of PewDiePie, resulting in a response from RobTop on Twitter.

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