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Among Dash

Among Dash is a fun and challenging side-scrolling game that combines elements from Among Us. In this game, players control an Impostor character and need to jump, flip, and avoid obstacles while moving automatically to the right. With familiar visuals and characters from Among Us, Among Dash tests your skills and timing in a thrilling avoidance experience.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay involves side-scrolling, where the character automatically moves from left to right. Players don't control the character's movement directly but must make them jump, flip, and dash to navigate through the levels. As the character progresses, there will be obstacles like spikes, sawblades, and electricity that players need to avoid by tapping or clicking the screen to make the Impostor jump over them. Timing is crucial, as mistimed jumps will result in collisions. 

The main objective is to successfully reach the end of each level without hitting any obstacles. The game focuses on survival, achieving high scores based on distance or time, completing levels, and completing extra challenges like collecting coins or finishing levels quickly. While playing Among Dash, you can use a mouse by clicking the screen to make the Impostor jump and navigate the game.

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