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Geometry Worlds is a thrilling game that combines the challenge of rhythm-based gameplay with a love for music. Join in and immerse yourself in the captivating melodies of this game. It offers fast-paced gameplay where you control a cube avatar and navigate through obstacle-filled levels. With new levels, music, and exclusive rewards, it maintains the beloved mechanics and style that fans of the series adore. Your goal is to guide the cube avatar through levels, avoiding spikes, saw blades, and moving platforms. To progress, you must time your jumps and flights to the beat of the music.

How to Play

To play Geometry Worlds, your objective is to guide your character safely to the end of each level without touching any obstacles. If you accidentally collide with an obstacle, the level restarts, and you'll need to begin your run again. The controls may be simple, but mastering the game is extremely challenging. Be prepared to make multiple attempts as you strive to overcome countless obstacles and progress through the game.

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