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Geometry Dash ForceDynamix

Welcome to the world of Geometry Dash ForceDynamix! This is an adventure game created by Minesap with a 10 stars Hard Demon difficulty combined with the appearance of 3 mysterious coins. Coins are an included challenge, and you can complete the game without hunting them down.

In Geometry Dash ForceDynamix, constant changes take place requiring you to perform movements accurately. With the task of surviving to the end and overcoming obstacles, you can practice the game many times to become more proficient. Good luck.

User's 3 coin positions

  • Located at 15%, after moving through gravity at the end of the tunnel, you need to control the character to fly high and the coin will appear next to the third obstacle block.
  • Located at 30%, in the UFO segment the coin will appear between two gears placed next to each other.
  • Located at 95%, at the end of the train section, you will see a coin appear in the terrain below.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to the spacebar to play.

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