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Geometry Dash Nine Circles

Geometry Dash Nine Circles is one of the Hard Demon level games rated 10 stars. Like other games of the same type, your task in this game is to navigate the cube forward while overcoming challenges including rows of spikes, blocks and more. Besides, the rhythm in the game corresponds to the dance steps, making the game more lively.

In Geometry Dash Nine Circles, three coins will appear at three different times. The first coin is found in the shadow and in this stage you need to avoid the yellow ball and shift gravity. Next is the second coin, which can be said to be the hardest coin to get since to get it you need to avoid the standard route and use perfect timing to avoid colliding with the saw blade. After getting it, you need to click once and hold it a second time to escape the danger zone. Finally there is the third coin, you will find it in the last cube area. Now let's start and collect all three coins!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

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