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Geometry Dash CRUSH

Geometry Dash CRUSH brings you an exciting experience with unexpected challenges and difficulties. The game is rated 10 stars and has 3 user coins and your task is to overcome obstacles to reach the finish line safely. The game is divided into four stages with each stage requiring different skills.

In the first stage of filling you will catch the escape in the form of a cube, in this stage there will be a hidden coin so don't forget to find it. For the next stage, you will transform into a ship and navigate through obstacles while collecting a second coin. Coming to stage three, you will play as a shadow shape and handle moving platforms and find your way to the next stage. During this period, the most important thing is calmness when challenges are increasing. The last stage you will appear in is the robot, where the exact time is to split the lock and the last coin will appear here.

In Geometry Dash CRUSH, your determination will help you overcome challenges. Can you conquer this exciting journey?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play

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