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Wrestle Bros

Wrestle Bros is a game inspired by extremely attractive wrestling. There will be two boxers participating in a match, and your task is to try to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. There will be the first 51 seconds for you to start fighting. If the opponent has not been defeated yet, the two boxers will rest and participate in the next round. When participating in the next round, both fighters' health points increase. And you continuously repeat that process until the referee calls one, two, three and the opponent still cannot sit up, then you will win.

In Wrestle Bros, you can also invite friends to join in two-person mode. Before playing, you will be able to choose an available character from famous boxers in the world. Here you can show off your fighting skills and abilities. Now it's your time to participate and become a champion!

How To Play

  • P1: Use "WASD" to move and "G" to attack.
  • P1: Use arrow keys to move and "L" to attack.

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