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Doodle Baseball is an exciting entertaining sports game designed specifically for those who are passionate about baseball and fast food around the world. The game brings audiences and players engaging and unforgettable experiences. The gameplay in the game is also quite simple, the player will be responsible for hitting the ball when it flies close to him. This requires precise timing and power with each shot. Because the farther you hit, the higher the score. The balls can fly straight to the player, but they can also spin or fly, causing the player to lose focus. It indicates that the ball is now moving at a higher speed and is more difficult to hit if it turns purple and yellow.

What players need to keep in mind in Doodle Baseball is that if they miss the ball three times in a row, the player will be eliminated and the game will end. Assuming that you are able to hit a treble in the game, it is highly likely that you are an expert in the game. Experience the fun and excitement of this exhilarating sport by immersing yourself in the thrill of the game, setting a goal for yourself to smash home runs, and putting a challenge to yourself.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to click on the round button on the screen to hit the ball.

Sports-themed games are always of great interest and love to everyone. If you love this game, you can also refer to Basketball Stars, this is a game inspired by basketball.

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