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Welcome to Street Fighter 2. This is a game that recreates the battle of two heavy fighters, Ryu and Sagat. In the game, the player will play the role of Ryu, a talented martial artist and very knowledgeable about martial arts. To fight Sagat, players need to skillfully use moves and dodge opponents when they throw super powerful punches.

Each round in Street Fighter 2 will have three small matches. A player only needs to win 2 out of three matches to win. Your skill progression determines your progress in the game. Victory requires a combination of planned attacks, precise timing, and flawless defensive movements. Success in the game requires patience, strategy, and practice. Learn about each character's strengths and limitations; not all battles are won solely through power.

How To Play

  • To apply moves, players need to use the key combinations: A+S, A+D or S+D.
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