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Take part in a survival challenge in Skyblock, where you begin your adventure on a deserted island isolated from the outside world. All you have is a chest full of food, a bed to sleep in, a candle to light and a tree. Every decision you make affects your future life, so consider carefully before making it.

Crafting, mining and fighting enemies are the three most important factors when playing Skyblock. The ability to make creative use of resources and maximize their use in order to survive and advance in the game is critical to the game's growth. It should be a major goal to build a sustainable resource generator, such as a tree farm or a cobblestone farm. Careful examination of your surroundings may lead to the discovery of hidden resources that can help you live.

How To Play

  • Use "WASD" to move.
  • Use the mouse to drag the necessary items.

Temple of Boom and Baldi's Basics are two extremely typical survival games that you should try at least once.