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Rage Quit Racer is a racing game in space where your task is to avoid obstacles such as giant pillars, spaceships and more. Before playing, you will choose the tunnel and start. In each playthrough, you get four respawns. Each time you collide with an obstacle, a chance to respawn will disappear. Once all four disappear, the game will end.

A big tunnel with a variety of colors in Rage Quit Racer. The faster you go, the greater your score. The distance you travel also affects your final score. Also, make sure to collect as many stars as possible. Each star will have a unique influence on you. Blue stars will help you get a higher score. The blue star will provide you with a shield that will keep you alive if you collide with pillars or meteors. There are also yellow rings that will boost your strength.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse or arrow buttons to play.

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