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Electron Dash is an amazing game where you can enjoy fast-paced races with many special features. Each feature will help you have a new experience. In this game, you will play the role of an astronaut exploring an endless space path full of dangers and challenges. To control the game, you need to use three basic keys: right arrow to go right, left arrow to go left and spacebar to jump up. Sometimes while moving, the road will crack and you must quickly jump over otherwise the astronaut will fall into space and the game will end.

In Electron Dash, hearts may appear and you should collect it, thanks to it you can continue playing after falling into space. The graphics and effects are outstanding in this game. You can explore the stunning turquoise tunnels. Your astronaut figure follows these lines similarly to how he follows gem paths. If you want to move, select platforms that are solid, and try to move as little as possible to platforms that are light blue. Let's start!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow buttons and spacebar to play.

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