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Pumpkin Panic is an extremely outstanding game for Halloween enthusiasts. In the game, players will immerse themselves in an extremely fascinating and thrilling adventure with a world filled with ghosts, pumpkins and terrifying landscapes. The player's main task is to play the role of a brave hero on his way to save the world from destruction. The story begins in a mystical pumpkin patch, where specters and other ghoulish beings attempt to steal every pumpkin and throw Halloween into utter darkness.

In Pumpkin Panic, you have to make it through a number of difficult stages that are packed with puzzles, obstacles, and mazes if you want to win. Along the way, you'll find powers and equipment that can help you in your mission. These include the ability to carve pumpkins, light your way, and reveal the secrets of this enchanted realm. In addition, the game is also designed with vivid graphics and sound to immerse players in the Halloween festival.

As you level up, you'll be able to cultivate a larger area, find more seed varieties, and encounter all the hostile woodland dwellers who can kill you in an instant! Keep in mind that this is your one and only shot at survival!

How To Play

  • Use "WASD" to move.
  • To pick up things or grow crops, press the F key.
  • To irrigate the crops, use the spacebar.
  • Hold Shift while moving to cause the character to sprint.
  • To activate the lantern at night, use the R key.

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