BG dark

Discover now the horror game that is causing a fever in the gaming community called Granny. In the game, the player will have the task of finding a way to survive for five days in Granny's house. You'll hear all sorts of noises as you go through the old house in eerie environment. When you relocate, grandparents hear and decide to come after you. When you drop something, shut the door, etc., noise will be produced. In the game, he will use a gun or a hook, but she mainly utilizes a stick. In the event that you receive an injury, the screen will bleed.

She also sets traps throughout the house in an attempt to catch you, slowing you down if you fall into any of them. The game's puzzles are entertaining, but the gory animations are repulsive. She can trick you, so you can solve a puzzle that leads to a trap that will kill you.

Before starting a new match, you can select Granny's difficulty level, which ranges from easy to extremely difficult. There is a practice mode to test your abilities. You can also choose whether music is switched on or off, as well as whether to use low or high resolution.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

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