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Join the thrilling adventure in Only Up Gravity Parkour 3D. You are about to encounter gravity-defying hurdles and dangerous platforms at every step, all of which are prepared to send you back to the beginning of your journey. As you leap from one floating platform to the next, each of which is hung precariously in the air, you will be able to take in the amazing panoramic views. When you have properly timed your jumps to catch the ledges, you should then cling to them tightly and climb up. With just one mistake, all of the hard-earned achievements you've worked so hard to achieve will be wiped out.

Realistic pictures and intriguing noises in Only Up Gravity Parkour 3D contribute to the excitement. Investigate the mysteries lying above. You are a bold player with all the necessary abilities and skills. However, in order to advance, additional practice is essential.

How To Play

  • Use “Arrow” buttons to move.
  • Press “Spacebar” to jump up.

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