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Only Up! is a typical game of the parkour game genre. In the game, you will play the role of a boy jumping over surfaces to explore higher places. Some areas are simple to jump on, but there will also be tight surfaces that challenge players to plan their jumps. And because there are no checkpoints in the game, any progress you make in the air is lost the moment you fall!

Although Only Up! is essentially a skill game, there is an underlying plot in which a character seeks answers that can only be reached by climbing. Each level unlocks a section of the plot, encouraging gamers to keep going. The game also has an excellent visual design, with beautiful scenes, smooth animations, and a colorful and vibrant universe. Characters and obstacles are artfully developed to add personalization and uniqueness to the game.

The music in Only Up! is also a part of helping the game become more successful. Catchy melodies and rhythms accompany players throughout the ascent. The sound effects, which range from bouncing on platforms to near-falls, nicely match this exhilarating game experience.

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to play.

Besides this game, Only Up Parkour is also a famous parkour game and attracts many players every day.

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