BG dark is an .io game that is loved by many people today. In this game, you will discover an exciting experience at a beautiful water park with the goal of overcoming your opponents and reaching the finish line first. Before playing, you will write your name to help distinguish you from other competitors. To move smoothly, you need to use the mouse proficiently to swipe left and right smoothly. Additionally, you can also fly to the slide below to shorten the process, but you must be very careful when doing that. Because it can cause you to fall into the water and end the game.

Your recklessness will be shown in in a great way. The faster you move, the higher your name will rise in the leaderboard list. Besides, you can freely create your next steps without having to follow too many rules. After each game, your experience will increase and serve you for the next battles. Are you ready?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

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