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Getting Over It: Mario is a not too complicated game but you need to use your hands quickly to complete the game. In the game, you will discover new experiences through different challenges on the map. Mario's movement all depends on the hammer because his leg is stuck in a barrel. The hammer has multiple uses, including moving forward, backward, lifting, and pushing down. When the hammer makes contact with another object, it generates a force that propels you in the desired direction.

Throughout the quest in Getting Over It: Mario, Mario is confronted with numerous challenges that put his abilities and determination to the ultimate test. Dangerous slopes, swinging axes, and massive boulders are among the challenges he must conquer. Are you ready to overcome all the obstacles now?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

Getting Over SnowGetting Over It and Gorilla Adventure are three games with similar gameplay with different maps and challenges you can take on next.

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