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Join an exciting and challenging adventure in Gorilla Adventure. In the game, players will control a strong Gorilla with determination to move forward. However, the Gorilla's legs are attached to a non-removable iron box, so movement is completely dependent on an iron hammer. To go further, players need to skillfully control and use the hammer's power appropriately. The way to play is also quite simple by controlling the hammer with the mouse. The player can also extend the hammer by holding the mouse.

Almost every graphic detail in Gorilla Adventure is meticulously designed so that players cannot take their eyes off it. Each step will make players more immersed in this exciting adventure. Can you take this Gorilla to glory? Let's start this journey!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

In addition to this game, you can also immediately refer to Getting Over It, this is a game with similar gameplay.

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