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Geometry Dash: Zrist

Participate in an exciting block-filled game in Geometry Dash: Zrist. Your task in this game is to control the cube to jump up or go through obstacles that appear everywhere along the way. In the game there will be two main blocks: white block and red block. The white block will be okay when you bump into it, but with the red block, just a light touch will cause the game to end.

Besides the addictive gameplay, this endless is suitable for all players regardless of whether they have never heard of this game before. Although the game seems simple, mastering it is not easy. With each attempt, you'll be driven deeper into the game, determined to surpass prior achievements.So gear up and prepare for an fueled trip like no other!

How To Play

  • Press "X" to jump up.
  • Press "C" to crawl through.

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