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Geometry Dash FreezeNova

Geometry Dash FreezeNova is an exciting arcade game where you need to guide a cube through a platform while avoiding obstacles. The game is best enjoyed by following the rhythm of the music, similar to the classic game Geometry Dash. Turn up the volume and test your skills in avoiding obstacles. Are you ready for the challenge?

How to Play Geometry Dash FreezeNova

Start by selecting a game mode from the available options. Each mode has a different theme. Your goal is to move the cube as far as possible on the platform without touching any spiky objects.

Game Modes

  1. Spikes Frenzy: The basic mode where you need to move forward while avoiding objects.
  2. Glowing Boost: Similar to Spikes mode, but with glowing bounces that help you travel longer distances.
  3. Orbital Thrust: Jumping mechanism in the form of orbits, allowing you to escape rows of spiky objects.
  4. Gravity Chaos: The most challenging mode where golden halos flip the platform and change the cube's direction.
  5. Universe of Chaos: A chaotic mode with elements that try to distract your attention while defying gravity.
  6. Blue Rush: Everything is blue in this mode. Be careful with the halos and bounces that might lead you into obstacles.
  7. Jumping: Some obstacles change direction towards the cube, making it more challenging to avoid them.
  8. Black & White: This mode offers a black-and-white gaming experience.
  9. Flash Frenzy: Directional arrows make the cube move quickly when touched.
  10. Final Lap: This mode combines elements from all the previous modes.

Geometry Dash FreezeNova's Shop

In the game's shop, you can use the coins you collect while playing to buy new cubes. Simply click on the cube icon in the upper right corner of the main menu and select the cube you want to purchase.

Game Controls

To control the cube, use the W key, Space key, or the up arrow key to make it jump over obstacles.

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