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Vex 6

Play as Stickmen and go on an exciting cross-platform adventure in Vex 6. This is a 2D game where your goal is to control the stickman to the finish line safely in each level. You can use the skills of running, flipping, jumping, sliding, swimming and carrying objects to complete the goal. Although agile and equipped with many skills, the character will die as soon as he touches obstacles or dangers, so you need to concentrate to avoid them.

While completing levels in Vex 6, don't forget to collect stars because they will help you buy new skins for the stickman. Besides, they are also needed to unlock hard mode versions. To win the game, you need to feel the rhythm of the game as well as take the time to check the levels. Are you ready for this adventurous adventure?

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys or "WASD" to move.

If you love Vex 6, then don't hesitate to experience Vex 3. This is an older version but has many interesting features that you can explore.