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Tetrisweeper is a puzzle game that combines two classic games, Minesweeper and Tetris, so the game brings a new change to help you improve your ability to think and build strategies. Like Tetris, blocks of different shapes will fall from the screen, you can move their position or rotate them to form complete rows. Additionally, each square will be like a tile in Minesweeper, so it could be a number or a boom. Your ultimate goal is to fill all the rows without causing the mine to explode. Complete rows will be removed from the board provided it has no mines, which will give you more room.

Solve dynamic Tetrisweeper puzzles that expand and change while you play. The excitement never stops as you create your own Minesweeper board using cleverly placed tetrominoes. With quick thought and smart planning, you can design your board so that you never have to guess at random again.

How To Play

  • Use arrow buttons to move tetrominoes.
  • Use "135" to rotate tetrominoes.

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