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Awaken the sports spirit in Soccer Legends while helping you improve your kicking skills into the goal. Before playing, you will be able to choose two modes: friendly and tournament. If you are new, you should choose friendly mode to get used to the gameplay as well as practice how to use the buttons. A match will take place within 90 seconds, when the time ends, whoever scores more goals will win.

Soccer Legends also offers a two-player mode that allows you to compete with your friend. The harder you practice, the more your skills will improve and you will shoot balls that your opponents won't have time to react to. Are you ready to become the master of this game

How To Play

  • P1: Use arrow keys to move, use "L" to shoot and "K" to supershoot.
  • P2: Use "WASD" to move, use "B" to shoot and "V" to supershoot.

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