BG dark is an extremely interesting .io game where players join with many players around the world. In the game, you will control a snake to search for food to help its body grow longer and earn lots of points. While traveling, you may also encounter other snakes of different sizes. With large snakes, you need to be careful because they can swallow you whole if you accidentally bump into them. For snakes smaller than yours, you can use special skills to destroy and turn them into your food. One of those skills includes: you need to corral small snakes into the circle you create. Then you need to narrow the circle so that the snakes collide and destroy each other. In the end, you just need to enjoy the results you have created.

In, there will be a top ranking of the best players currently. You can try to achieve good results and climb to the top, maybe even reach the top 1. Let's start the journey!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

Besides this game, is an extremely interesting .io game that you should try.

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