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Muse Dash is a music game that blends rhythm and action components to form an entertaining gaming loop. In this game, you play as one of three band members, each with a unique design. You begin the game as Rin, the bassist. In the settings menu, you can pick whether to play as violinist Buro or Marija. Although there are only three playable characters, the three girls can acquire a number of clothes that improve or vary their gameplay.

The music is what truly defines Muse Dash. The vast collection of tunes is cheerful and exciting. Some of the songs are catchy and will make you sway or nod your head. As you move through Muse Dash levels, you will constantly jump and punch to hit various adversaries and notes. Each level is named after a song, which serves as the blueprint for the level's design. It's worth mentioning that stages aren't opened until the player reaches a specific level, so you'll have to go back and complete a stage on hard mode to get the experience points you need to proceed. As the stages go, the difficulty naturally increases. More messages and enemies begin flying towards me at a quicker rate. Let us start conquering!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to play.

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