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Head Soccer 2024

Participate in dramatic and exciting soccer matches in Head Soccer 2024. This is the newest version this year and makes many gamers crazy. Your task in the game is quite simple, you need to combine skills such as running, jumping, heading and kicking to break the opponent's net. When time ends, you need to score more points to win. Having only one member per team makes navigation easier and smoother.

The design in Head Soccer 2024 is bold and sporty, making those who love soccer scream with excitement. Not only the visuals, but the sound of the game as well as the cheers of the audience also increase the player's fighting spirit. Besides, the game also offers two-player mode, so invite your friends and play now!

How To Play

  • P1: Press arrow keys to move and "Z,X" to kick the ball.
  • P2: Press "WASD" to move and "K,L" to kick the ball.

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