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In Goemetry Vertical (Poligon Dash), you will participate in an extremely exciting journey with great experiences. In this game, you will be responsible for controlling a character to move forward and avoid obstacles using the left arrow button and right arrow button. For example when an obstacle is on the left you can move it to the right to avoid it. However, if you touch the wall, the game will end, so stay focused.

Each map in Goemetry Vertical (Poligon Dash) will have different characteristics from spatial shape to geometric structure. Thanks to that creativity, the game becomes more attractive. In addition, the game also offers two modes: practice and normal mode. The road design in both modes at the same level is identical. The main difference is that in practice mode, checkpoints will allow you to continue from the spot closest to the collision site rather than returning to the starting line. Let's start navigating the character and exploring now!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to play.

Not only the game but Geometry Dash Maze Maps also has similar but equally interesting gameplay.

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