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Geometry Tile Rush is a fast-paced game with a rhythm-based goal of reaching the finish line. In the game, the cube will automatically run forward and the player's task is to control it to overcome obstacles that appear on the road. The obstacles are densely packed so players need to meticulously plan each of their moves. In addition, players can also accumulate stars as they move. After each end, the game will make statistics so players know how many stars they have collected, and the number of times they have failed.

Different other games with an infinite number of obstacles, Geometry Tile Rush has thirty stages with a variety of different terrains. If you are familiar with the geography of geometry, you will have no trouble completing each level once you have reached that level. Because the majority of geometry games are fast-paced and demand practice to react rapidly, I believe that this game is the right game for your speed if you are just starting out. Will you be able to accomplish all thirty levels?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to control the cube to jump up.

The series of Geometry games immerses players in incredibly addictive rhythm-based running worlds like Geometry Dash Finally, Geometry Jump Sketchy, Geometry Dash Remastered.

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