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Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge

Join the adventure in Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge to feel the fun and addictiveness of the game. This game was created by fans based on the original version Geometry Dash, it is rated with a difficulty level of 6 stars. The game takes place within 2m 14s with a total of 12,429 objects. In the first part of the level, you will control a ship to overcome obstacles and dangers at a not too fast speed. Therefore you can easily control and master the speed. In the next section will be a spherical section with spheres, gravity gates, spacers and flashing platforms. Speed ​​will double when passing through a reflective screen. You will then return to the cube and move easily with jumps. Part of the UFO shrinks towards the finish line and the level ends.

Geometry Dash Scarlet Surge has a thrilling soundtrack and dazzling lighting effects that will make any gamer want to participate. Although the speed in this part is not too fast, the constant changes will make the game more challenging. Now it's time to show off your skills and conquer the game!

How To Play

  • Use mouse/spacebar or up arrow to play.

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