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Geometry Dash Classic is a challenging world in which you will have to overcome all the obstacles to complete the game. There are two main obstacles: spikes and squares. As for sharp spikes, it will cause the game to end when colliding with it. But for the square, you can stand on it but cannot crash into it so remember the rules to conquer the game easier.

Geometry Dash Classic is a game with moderate difficulty and gradually increasing through the levels. Currently the game has three main levels; they are all basically the same but the speed increases and level three is more difficult to pass. Each time you play this game there will be a different color that will make you unable to stop.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

Geometry Dash Full Version, Halloween Geometry Dash, and Geometry Dash Altra are games that fans of the series can play to have more experiences. No more waiting, let the games begin!

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