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Flappy Bird 2 is an upgraded version of the extremely famous game in the world, Flappy Bird. Similar to the old version, in this game, players will skillfully control a bird to fly through water pipes. The two rows of water pipes are arranged symmetrically and spaced far enough apart for the bird to fly over. However, the distance between two adjacent water pipes is not the same, so the player sometimes has to control the bird up high but sometimes down low. After each play, the game will calculate the results and show the play with the highest score so the player can try to beat it.

Although Flappy Bird 2 retains the same gameplay, the design has been improved with more eye-catching graphics. The bird has changed from blue to black and is somewhat more lively. The most important thing in the game is concentration because even a small collision can cause the game to end.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.
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