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If you want to demonstrate your driving talents or put your reflexes to the test, Drift Boss will certainly be an excellent game that will have you captivated to the screen for days on end. The gameplay of this game is simple but intriguing, and for that reason. You have the task of maintaining control of the vehicle for the longest amount of time that is possible. Your score will increase in proportion to the percentage of progress you make. Avoid falling into space at all costs, as doing so will result in the game being automatically terminated. You will be required to navigate roads that are difficult to manage due to the presence of multiple turns, corners, and bumps. When you are going on these routes, exercise extreme caution.

Because there is no time limit in Drift Boss game, you are free to move for as long as you have the desire. It goes without saying that this does not include plummeting into space. Support goods such as double points, auto insurance, and cash can also be provided to you. Additionally, after each game, you can be given a random assortment of prizes.

How To Play

  • Use a spacebar or mouse to play.

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