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Crossy Road is an extremely interesting arcade game where you control a character running away from pursuit by crossing dangerous roads. It could be moving cars, railroad tracks or even river crossings. Unexpected collisions will cause you to lose, so focus on observing each step. The game's graphics are simple but unusual, with 8-bit squares reminiscent of classic plastic tape games. 

As you gather gold coins or things in Crossy Road, you will be able to unlock over 50 other animal characters, each with their own unique design and vibrant colors. With the initial levels, there isn't much traffic on the street, simply a few automobiles, so players don't experience the difficulties. However, as time passes, the streets will become congested, and the speed of the automobiles on the road will increase, thus being cautious is one of the rules when playing Crossy Road.

How To Play

  • Click the mouse or use the arrow keys to move the character's steps.

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