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Craft Drill

Craft Drill will let players experience an adventurous underground journey. Unlike other mining games, this game mainly collects soil and rocks to sell. The player needs to control the drill bit into the ground to break it up and suck it onto the rails to load onto the truck. Each truck will carry a total of 100 pills. When the truck is full, it will be transported to another place and returned after a certain time.

The money you earn in Craft Drill you can use to upgrade your drill. This is a tool to help you improve it so you can make more money. In addition, you can also upgrade the truck to increase the amount of soil it can hold. Good luck!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to control the drill.
  • Change the drill head to a suction head to suck soil onto the conveyor belt.
  • Buy upgrades at the store in the right corner of the screen.