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Cluster Rush is a challenging first-person platformer in which you must overcome a world full of obstacles. Rhythm-based arcade gaming allows players to experience the most incredible jumps and climbs. Clinging and climbing onto the car is a unique feature that sets this game apart from others in its genre. This means that players do not need to land in the center of the roof and can climb up from there. With 35 levels, your concentration will be tested to the maximum, and completing them all will be a significant accomplishment.

In contrast to the simplicity of the control controls, Cluster Rush rounds move really swiftly. Unfortunate situations are likely if you do not react fast to incidents that occur along your trip. Identify potential problems during your rounds and avoid them as fast as possible.

How To Play

  • If you want to jump, press the space button.
  • To ascend, push and hold the space button.
  • To move to the right and left, use the arrow buttons.

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