BG dark

Burrito Craft immerses players in a cubic universe with endless possibilities! The game provides basic yet entertaining gameplay. There is nothing players cannot accomplish in this game, including embarking on a huge quest to slay a dragon or cultivating a farm—or both. You begin the game in an open environment with no possessions. The objects you may manufacture are quite restricted, and you must be in crafting mode to really enjoy the experience! Begin by punching several trees to gather around 16 wooden blocks, which you may then change into wooden planks in the Inventory. Use wooden panels to make a crafting table, and you're done! Go on a crazy journey or build the most stunning structure ever!

How To Play

  • Utilize the WASD keys to navigate the menus.
  • With the R key, sprint forward.
  • Make use of the spacebar to jump.
  • Utilize the left Shift key to sneak about.