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3D Ball Balancer

3D Ball Balancer is an exciting adventure game in which you will have the opportunity to control a ball onto a boat at the end of the road. It sounds simple, but once you start, everything will become difficult because the road is quite small and narrow. Besides, you need to learn how to move the ball by dragging the mouse. If you pull too hard, the ball may fall into the water, causing the game to end. In particular, at the end of the road there will be a small bridge to get on the boat. You need to pull with enough force but no less skillfully so that the ball can safely get onto the boat.

3D Ball Balancer has many levels with each level having a different difficulty and challenge. Half-broken roads or steep sections will make it impossible to stop. The key to winning the game is to stay calm and use your skills smoothly. Let's get started and control the ball!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to move the ball.

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